Dreams And Their Messages

Marilyn Gaddie

Dreams are one of the most valuable psychic tools we have at our disposal. Dream researchers have proven that most people dream five to six dreams a night, even though some say they either do not dream at all, or very seldom dream. These people may just simply be out of touch with their intuitive self. Experts say that keeping a dream journal will allow your subconscious mind to help your conscious mind remember the dreams.

There are several categories of dreams:

Precognitive:Dreaming of the future.

Psychological dreams:When your subconscious is trying to help you work out some of your problems by presenting situations during the dream state.
Often it is necessary to understand the symbolism of what is being shown to you. This is the field where Carl Jung extensively worked to explore dreams.

Lucid: When you are aware you are in the dream state.

Outer stimuli:(Example) When you incorporate the ringing telephone into the dream.

Communicative: When someone alive or dead gives you a message. Many times our deceased relatives or friends contact us in this non threatening way.

Out of Body / Flying: These are astral travel dreams.

Here are some examples of psychological dreams:

I was in bed making love with an alligator. I asked myself, "Why are you doing something this dangerous?" The instant I had this thought I was awakened from my dream state, and felt disturbed for several minutes as I pondered the meaning of this dream. My first thought was of my ex-boyfriend who often told stories of when he was in service in Vietnam. The men under his command had given him the nickname of "Sergeant Alligator". I remembered that he kept a sculture of an alligator on his coffee table.
Since he had recently called and suggested meeting for a drink, I felt the dream was telling me to stay away from any association with him, as well as any other men who fell into the same category. (I had recently dated two new men, and a third one was calling, and I was feeling sort of overwhelmed with male attention.)
It occurred to me that "Alligators and potential "Lounge Lizards" are both in the reptile family.
I was so deeply hurt from my last relationship, it is possible the dream was talking about my fear of being hurt and picking the wrong type of male. The mouth of the alligator reminded me of Red Riding Hood saying to the Big Bad Wolf. "How big your teeth look, grandmother." And the Wolf replied, "The better to eat you with my dear."
I feel it was a definite warning about my ex- boyfriend, and possibly about my fear of allowing a man to gobble up my time as I'm so busy with many activities.

My daughter Tonya once had a dream that disturbed her to the point that she woke up and called me on the phone to discuss it. She had dreamed that the actress Melanie Griffith was walking on a beach with jagged cliffs and she was crying because her husband Don Johnson had died. The dream had upset Tonya deeply and left her feeling overcome with grief but she couldn't understand why.
I said to her, "I think the important clue to this dream is Johnson. Letís separate the word "JOHN SON". Since we have several "Johns" in our family we were hoping this was not a dream telling us that something was going to happen to one of them or to one of their sons.
Later in that same week, the plane crash involving John Kennedy Jr., his wife and sister-in-law took place.
My daughter immediately recognized the scenery where the accident happened as being like the same she had seen in her dream.
JOHN'S SON had died and not only my daughter, but the whole nation was filled with grief.

Many people remember dreams that foretell the future. I distinctly remember my first precognitive dream.
I dreamed that Doris Day went to visit Rock Hudson in the hospital where there were a lot of reporters waiting outside to interview her.
This is what I wrote in my dream journal:
Doris said, "This is what love is all about." Although I didn't know what it meant at the time, several years later I turned on my television to watch the news and I began to see my dream unfolding before my eyes.
As Doris Day left the hospital from visiting her friend Rock Hudson who was dying of Aids, she was surrounded by news media asking her to make a comment. Doris said that she loved Rock as a friend, and was there to stand by her friend in a time of sadness and sorrow.
It was the beginning of the fear of Aids and paranoia was sweeping the country.

One of my clients dreamed her mother was in the hospital and she and her sister were in the waiting room. Suddenly the clock fell off the wall and she instantly knew her mother had died. In real life, a few months later they took their mother to the emergency room and they were seated in the waiting room, while the doctor was with their mother. The clock actually fell off the wall and the doctor came out and told them their mother had died.

I read an article in the magazine "Venture Inward", about a woman who dreamed of a man and in the dream she was told, "This is the man you are going to marry."
The next day at lunch in the work cafeteria, the same man walked by her table. She described how shocked she was to see the very man from her dream actually existed. They later met, dated and eventually got married.

One of my most vivid dreams represents a "communication dream" from my deceased ex-husband. He was outside in a yard when he suddenly wrote a love letter on each of three white bed sheets flapping in the wind that were hanging on a clothes line. One letter was to me and the other two to our son and daughter. I woke up and immediately thought of the slang term for being drunk. "THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND".
My ex-husband had been an alcoholic.
My interpretation of the dream:
He was saying, "I loved the three of you as much as my addiction would allow." He left his legacy of alcoholism still blowing in the wind with his departure. Although he left the earth plane, the damage is yet to be cleaned up. ("It all comes out in the wash".)
Adding to the interpretation --- the old saying that someone is "drying out" when they are coming off of a drinking binge is represented by the drying sheets.
It took his death to dry him out.

Many times, our dreams will give us messages about the health of our body.
One woman dreamed that one of her breasts was larger than her other one. She did an examination of her breasts and discovered that she had a tumor. It was removed and her life was saved.

We should all pay attention to our dreams and never underestimate the importance of them because they can hold many messages for each of us.

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